Differentiation is what will be remembered. I combine different measures of communication and implement them successfully. 


The competition for attention is not only about the actual product but also about how it is packaged and presented. Graphic design creates a convincing image which is recognized, causes emotions and influences the customer’s relationship towards the product. I take care for the entire production process incl. text,  ranging from brainstorming, planning and presentation to the technical preparation of the final graphic product.  

Besides that, my communication policy is aimed at consciously shaping all the information directed to the market participants, ranging from press releases to case studies and mailings. 

Advertising, Social Media

You will benefit from consistently appearing in the relevant trade press. It creates a positive sentiment for PR, thus resulting in a positive reporting. Besides that, media presence enables you to achieve your advertising objectives. I can help you promote your public image and market your products and services. It is my aim to arouse more interest in your solutions with prospective customers. I offer you the whole spectrum of advertising – all in one place, ranging from making inquiries, brainstorming, media planning, texting / storyboarding to designing the final product.  

Interim Management

With demands more and more increasing and budgets more and more reduced, it is not easy for companies to find properly trained staff for their projects rapidly. No matter whether vacation, illness, maternity leave/parental leave – to perfectly fit the situation, you can hire me for a defined period of time. As an external employee, I take care (just as an internal colleague) for all jobs in relation with marketing and communication, ranging from press relations, organization of your trade jobs to the graphical creation of your promotional documents.  

Trade Shows, Events 

Company presentation can successfully support and complement the traditional and non-personal communication tools such as advertising, sales promotion as well as press work. I define my role as a solution provider for the presentation of your events and I take care for the planning, organization as well as project management. I also keep an eye on your budget.   

Short CV Carmen Weith


Merger of CS Marketing with CAVOK Consulting SARL with its place of business in Alsace, France.


CS Marketing was founded in Bergisch-Gladbach (NRW) focusing on marketing communications for the health care system. 

1996 – 2006

Carmen Weith held top positions in national and international companies in the health care sector. 

  • GE Healthcare 
    (marketing communications - Management Award 2005 One GE Healthcare)
  • GMD, Gesellschaft für medizinische Datenverarbeitung mbH
    (marketing communications, investor relations)
    (marketing communications, investor relations, IPO 2000)
  • SMS Shared Medical Systems Corp./Siemens AG 
    (marketing communications)
  • JenOptik AG 
    (marketing communications)

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